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We are sure you have all read or seen on TV the report on the more affluent neighborhoods along the coasts and inland and their large water use. Before we condemn these individuals we urge you to read the following. With a little insight and foresight we can have our cake and eat it to.
We should briefly address the topics of the current perceived water shortage, water use, new landscaping, xeriscape, landscape maintenance, and the current economy. This is along list and we will just touch briefly on each one.

While this water shortage continues and SFWM along with other agencies continue to put more and more restrictions on our water use it has become increasingly difficult to maintain or add to existing landscape (such as planting of seasonal flowers) or to start and or complete new projects or major replants as so many home owners like to do this time of year.

Developments all up and down the coast from Orlando to Palm Beach and all the way to Miami and beyond spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year constantly beautifying their homes and communities. This not only continues to make Florida a wonderful place to live it pumps much needed dollars into our states economy. Something else we all so desperately need right now.

Well there is no reason to stop planting (especially native plants) and there are many ways to accomplish this by those who are willing to be creative, innovative, and look for viable alternatives to adversity, all qualities that got most of the people in these more affluent neighborhoods and developments to the position in life that they now enjoy.

Herein find some examples of ways to continue to add beauty and creativity to your homes and communities through landscaping. There are many more than I can cover in this brief letter. The word to remember is Xeriscape. Briefly Xeriscape is the means to continue to plant and landscape in a manner that is environmentally friendly.

This can be achieved through new and exciting designs that incorporate things like drip irrigation or sub-irrigation where applicable.  You can also use plant species and grasses (and there are quite a few) that require much less water than some of the ones that are currently being used. A lot of these will be plant species that are native plants to Florida but there is still exciting and exotic flora and fauna from around the world that will fit the criteria of Xeriscape. Grouping plants or native plants of similar needs together in your landscape designs is another way. The use of slow release fertilizers will also cut your water use. While these fertilizers cost more they last longer thus your costs do not change. The plant or grass does not get this big rush of food that they get from less expensive fertilizers and then require above normal amounts of water to sustain its growth. Native plants usually do not require as much fertilizers as non native plants either as they are accustomed to Florida’s existing soils.

We could go on and write a book here but we know you all get the idea. Ask you local Landscape Architect, Landscape Contractor, or Landscape Maintenance Professional about the countless ways to continue to beautify your homes and the Sunshine State. Chances are he or she is already versed in these practices. Should they not know, find ones that do or educate yourself and you train them. There are thousands of sites on the internet and hundreds of books at the book store devoted to this topic.

It looks as though the water restrictions are here to stay for awhile whether they are needed or not. But that is no reason for any of us to stop our creativity when it comes to all the remarkable things that can be done with landscaping and native plants. Done properly and with thought we can commend (not condemn) those that keep the creative juices flowing, the economy moving forward, and Florida beautiful.

Should anyone need any advice please feel free to contact the staff here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm. Our phone number is 772 219 3377. Or check out our website at www.calusacreek.com for additional information about contacting us.  It would be our pleasure to put you in contact with a professional Landscape Architect or Landscape Contractor in your area should you need one. You can also call your local county agricultural extension agents for advice or direction

If you are a Landscape Contractor, Developer, or Landscape Architect please feel free to contact us here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm for a detailed list and prices of our tropical, native plant list and current availability. We have over 500 acres of beautiful, large, tropical and native plant species for you to choose from.

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