Wholesale Trees and Containerized Trees

Wholesale Trees and Containerized Trees

At Calusa Creek Tree Farm, we are committed to producing the highest quality containerized trees and wholesale trees at our farm. We are located just west of Stuart, Florida on nearly 4,000 acres along the banks of the St. Lucie River. Beautiful pines, oaks, palms and other Native Florida plants have flourished on our land for hundreds of years. The area is blessed with a climate perfect for growing containerized trees both deciduous and tropical wholesale trees. The property has abundant water and is washed with sunshine during its nine month growing season.

We have some 20,000 Palm trees, representing many varieties native and tropical. These trees are field grown trees and containerized trees grown to better suit your demands concerning availability. Ideal growing conditions are further enhanced when our wholesale trees are custom trimmed, fertilized and drip-irrigated.

In addition to these palms, we are growing over 100,000 containerized trees and specimen accents. Seventy-five varieties are available in sizes ranging from 25-500 gallons. We have actually improved on Mother Nature with these trees. They represent the best Interiorscape and exterior landscape trees available as measured by shape, density, uniformity and survivability. Some steps that we take to guarantee our wholesale trees at this high quality are listed below:

1. All of our wholesale trees are planted in a growing medium which is custom mixed to provide the ideal nutrient blend for our containerized trees. Fertilizers are also custom blended.
2. All containerized trees are serviced by its own irrigation emitter(s) connected to an underground systems that delivers a programmed daily ration of filtered water.
3. All of our single-trunk wholesale trees is supported by proper braces and ties to ensure a straight, vertical trunk.
4. All of our containerized trees are rotated periodically to counter the effects of prevailing winds and the sun’s azimuth and ensure proper verticality and symmetry.
5. All specimens are regularly pruned to assure health, strength and symmetry.
6. Due to the amount of land Calusa Creek Tree Farm has at its disposal, our containerized trees are grown on the widest possible spacing, assuring you of a truly beautiful tree.

The real secret to the survivability of our wholesale trees and rapid growth of containerized trees is the nature of the container itself. Each container on the truck, on the way to your job site, has every bit of its root mass intact….moist, fresh and ready to do business when it goes in the hole. A field tree, no matter how carefully grown, or how carefully dug, will leave the field with much of the business-end of its root system still in the hole. Containerized trees through their fullness and rapid growth will provide the “Wow! Now!’ that your clients and you will love when you use wholesale trees purchased at Calusa Creek Tree Farm.

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