What Makes Calusa Creek Unique?


Calusa Creek Tree Farm is one of Florida’s largest container grown tree farms. We specialize in Container Grown trees as they are easier to handle for the landscaper as well as there is less shock when planting a container grown tree. Calusa Creek Tree Farm is a top grower of Podocarpus, Bald Cypress, Ligustrum and Live Oaks as well as Queen Palms and a large list of shrubs for the wholesale tree buyer.


We also have the largest selection of shade grown trees for Interior usage. Shade grown trees make the perfect accent for any Interior landscape space. Our full inventory of shade grown interior trees has been acclimated for the interior use for a minimum of 6 months prior to being sold to the Interior Landscaper. Being one of only 7 growers in the state who can export trees worldwide we set ourselves apart from many others.



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