Welcome to Hurricane Season South Florida


Florida doesn’t really have seasons other than Hurricane & Tourist. So with that being said we here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm prepare for both, but hurricane season effects our south Florida tree farm more & we can be sure that our wholesale landscapers are prepared to brace the winds with us.


First thing to keep in mind when designing a landscape plan be sure you are choosing the right trees for the area in which you are planting. This is crucial for the south Florida coast lines. There are trees that have proven to be more wind resistant than others for example: Live Oaks, Podocarpus, Green Buttonwood and more that fall into the “native” category. While others have proven over the years to be very un-hurricane friendly due to brittle wood and shallow root systems. Good examples of these are the Ficus and Yellow Tabebuia. Many Florida grown Palm trees are great choices as well when looking for friendly choices.


Not only is proper tree selection a good thing but also proper trimming of your Container Grown Trees. You should not over prune either as that will only weaken the tree and make it more prone to breakage. Instead you will want to focus on trimming out the dead, diseased and damaged wood. Focusing on the interior branches to thin the canopy creating less wind resistance.


Calusa Creek Tree Farm is a premier grower in South Florida for both Container Grown Trees as well as Field Grown Palms. We are here to help you make your project exactly what you envision.



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