We are Worldwide Shippers

Most have no idea that the option to ship trees world wide even exist. Well not only does it, but we do it on a weekly basis here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm with our Florida grown container trees. Everything from Live Oaks, Mahogany, Bald Cypress and Podocarpus to our field grown Queen Palms, Roebellini and Sylvesters are all certified by the Department of Agriculture to be shipped anywhere in the US, Canada as well as over seas.
We are one of the very few who are certified to do this with not only our Container Grown Trees and Field grown Palms but also our full line of Interior Trees and Palms. Within our shade house grown trees we have Ficus, Washingtonia, Podocarpus, Adonidias , Black Olives an even bamboo that can all be shipped anywhere in the world. As one of the few Calusa Creek Tree Farm is the best.  

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