New Shoots Bamboo Nursery



New Shoots Bamboo Nursery was created with one goal in mind:  To provide quality bamboo in the varieties and quantities that landscpers and homeowners need.  Located on 12 acres in Stuart, Florida, our farm’s main focus is bamboo, and bamboo only.  All of our bamboo is sold as a finished product, is containerized (which prevents shock) and is ready to install.  We provide bamboo for multiple uses including screening, accents and centerpieces.  Did you know that bamboo is one of nautre’s fastest growing plants?  Tropical bamboo presents many possibilities for landscapers.  It adds rich texture and beauty to any landscape.  New Shoots Bamboo Nursery was established based on a passion for bamboo and the great qualitities it possesses.


Owners Chip Barney and Devon Robinson are both second generation nurserymen.  They believe in providing quality plants which meet their customer’s specificatons.  These growers of clumping bamboo provide quality and service unsurpassed in the industry.


We provide a wide variety of bamboo:

Bambusa chungii, bambusa eutuldoides viridi, bambusa glaucophylla, bambusa lako, bambusa malingensis, bambusa multiplex, bambusa oldhamii, bambusa pervariabilis viridistriata, bambusa textilis gracilis, bambusa textilis, bambusa textilis mutabilis, bambusa vulgaris, dendrocalamus minor amoenus, gigantochloa atroviolacia and guadua angustifolia.


New Shoots Bamboo Nursery looks forward to serving all of your bamboo needs in the near future!


If you have a specific business question regarding availability and pricing of our plant material, please call us at 772-221-7227.