Transplanting Palms During the Dry Season

While we here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm are known primarily for our hardwoods and container grown trees, we do have a large selection of field grown palms.


Part of the field grown palm selection here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm is the Queen palm, Sylvester, Roebellini palm (pygmy date palm), Canary Island Date, Washingtonia, Chinese Fan Palms as well as numerous hybrid palms.


Here in south Florida we are still in our dry months leading up to the hurricane season and during this time frame we have to take extra care when digging and transplanting these large palms. We have found it best to do the digging over a period of at least 7 days if not longer for optimum survivability. We can go in with a wetting agent and lots of water then follow up with digging the trees but leaving them in place in the field. Then coming back by with more water for a couple days prior to the final pull of the tree. If all of these steps are done cautiously there should be a great success rate of Florida grown palms.

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