Summer & Spring after a warm winter…


While Calusa Creek Tree Farm is perfectly positioned for growing both tropical trees as well as hardwoods we are also faced with the troubles of not having much of a winter.


While being a Florida grower of container trees and palms such as Live Oaks, Podocarpus, Mahogany, Green Buttonwood as well as Queen Palms, Roebellini and Washingtonia we really depend on the climate of south Florida to allow us a long growing season. This is both good and bad, this spring and summer season is the perfect example of what happens when the winter is nice and mild. We here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm were able to grow all winter long creating nice full crops of container grown trees, the Podocarpus, Wax Myrtle and Viburum love growing during the winter months while the others such as Crape Myrtles, Oaks, Tabebuia and Bald Cypress are all dormant.
The flip side to these warm winters is not having a break in the pest & weed cycles. It becomes a true battle to keep the pests at bay and the weeds for taking over with the spring fertilizer.


Add in a nice wet and warm winter and you have created the perfect recipe for a very expensive spring in the pest management department of this business.


Being the largest supplier of shade acclimated trees and palms for the interiorscape usage we MUST keep the pests, fungus and mites away. The Ficus Nitida, Ficus Wintergreen as well as the Palms such as Adonidia and Washingtonia are all susceptible to an array of pest & mites none of which do you want as part of your next interior landscape project.

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