Planting Through the Winter Months…

Don’t let the thought of “winter” stop you from planting containerized Florida grown trees and shrubs. With these tree, shrubs and palms coming from containers they will hit the ground running. Especially, with the abnormally warm winter that we are having this year in south Florida. Our containerized trees here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm have not even shown the first signs of winter and they are quite confused and starting to bud out with new leaves and flowers as if it were spring already.

Field grown palms are just the same, they will never know the difference with proper watering they will transplant perfectly for you at this time of year. We here are Calusa Creek have been able to continue our aggressive propagation and planting schedule straight through the winter this year. This, will in turn create larger summer crops of quality container grown material as well as field grown palms at this Florida tree farm.

The shade house is stocked full of Interior grown specimen trees and palms ready for the spring revamping of all your interior design projects.

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