Native Trees for South Florida

With the summer approaching us here in South Florida, we all know that in turns means the threat of drought will be fast upon us. You may ask “what does the drought have to do with Florida Native Trees?”. These trees are fit for this type of occurrence once they have passed their establishment period.

At Calusa Creek Tree Farm, we grow a large variety of Florida Native Trees in containers. Our inventory includes everything from the Green and Silver Buttonwood, Live Oaks, Laurel Oaks, Mahogany, Viburnum, Wax Myrtle and many more. Because our specialty is containerized trees, we can provide from 7 gal on up to 300 gal containers.

We also have a large variety of the Florida friendly palms. While some of our palm varieties are also Cold Hardy they are all happy her in South Florida and are a great accent to the Florida Native Tree. Florida Native trees are often thought of as being somewhat plain and ordinary – but when paired up correctly can make a beautiful landscape that is both easy to maintain as well as conserve water.

Please call 772 219-3377 today with any questions you may have, our friendly nursery staff is waiting to help.

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