June 1st marks the start of hurricane season…. are you and your landscape ready?

With hurricane season here once again, it’s time now to do all of your prep work. Do all of your trimming prior to the announcement of an approaching storm. Thin out the heads of your large shade trees, by calling your local arborist. There is NO such thing as a hurricane resistant tree or palm. There are some that will hold up a bit better than others as they age, as many types are none for root rot as they age, most of these species time frame is 40+ years.


While container grown Live Oaks are one of the most popular sellers as well as Mahogany and Green Buttonwood for being native to Florida. They all have their own faults when put up against a hurricane, but if they are maintained correctly they can come through the storm just fine.


Now when you get into the palms such as Washingtonia Robusta, Sabal Palmettos, Queen palms or Roebellini you will find the same pros & cons for each tree. Like we said there is NO hurricane proof tree.
Simply do your regular maintenance and all should stand strong through the storm.

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