Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Prep in South Florida for our first storm of the 2015 season

As a Florida Tree Farm made up of primarily container grown trees when we get notified of an impending hurricane we have to take action. With that it’s up to us to protect our Live Oaks, Crape Myrtles, Queen palms, Podocarpus as well as our entire inventory. For us most of our prep is put into ground maintenance to be sure that we can get the water off of the farm land as quickly as possible. We also have one of the largest shade houses for Interior acclimated trees and palms which requires it’s own protection plan. We will open the panels as well as lay down our shade grown Ficus Trees, Black Olives and Interior palms.
All of this prep work is done with one sole goal, to come out of the storm with a sellable healthy inventory of Florida Grown Trees for the landscape and Interior tree industry.

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