Healthy Living with Interior Trees

Healthy Living; Interior Tree Study Shows Positive Results!

“Healthy lifestyles” is now one of today’s top consumer trends and an easy way to make your office or home “healthy” is with live Interior trees or palms. Project Carbon, a recent research project at the University of Georgia has published their results, and the bottom line is that interior trees and plants contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

This Project Carbon was funded by the National Foliage Foundation, and sponsored by Green Plants for Green Buildings, and the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association to identify the amounts of carbon removed from the air by Interior Trees, both under simulated conditions and in actual interior-scape environments. A little over a year later, research proves there is an advantage to having Interior plants in homes and offices.
Research Highlights:
• In addition to absorbing the carbon, indoor plants improve indoor air quality by removing pollutants.
• While all interior trees and plants take carbon out of the air, larger, woody trees absorb and keep in their bodies more carbon than small herbaceous plants over time.

The experts here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm have the knowledge and experience to help you select the perfect species for your interior space.

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