Gumbo Limbo Spiraling Whitefly in South Florida Trees

While we in Stuart, Fl haven’t seen much of this in our area, those further south of us sure have.


With “White Fly” being such a bad word to anyone in the Ficus world, please note that this is not the same. These pest are showing up on South Florida Palms, Live Oaks, Black Olives, Wax Myrtles and other common Florida Container Grown trees.


We here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm have not noticed them in our container grown palms or field grown palms. All of our Live Oaks, Black Olives, Mahoganies and Wax Myrtles have all tested to be clean as well.


These little pests leave behind a white waxy substance on the underneath part of the leaf. They can be treated by cleaning the plant well and then following up with a good quality insecticide.


You can learn more on the following IFAS website.

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