When Is the Right Time to Plant a Tree?


One of the main advantages to container grown tree & palms is that you can plant them anytime of year.


With our Florida grown trees such as Live Oaks, Mahoghany, Ligustrum, Podocarpus to just name a few. While most will tell you that fall is the absolute perfect time for planting all your Florida native trees like Green Buttonwood, Wax Myrtles, Viburnum, etc. They are totally correct but don’t let the time of year stop you from planting the Container Grown tree of your choice.


We here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm and Ranch have a large selection of both Shade grown trees as well as good ole Florida sun grown containerized trees.


International Shipping of Trees

Most have a hard time believing that a container tree farm in South Florida can ship trees to international countries. Well we can and we are one of the few and one of the best at it. It does require our Florida grown trees and palms to be inspected and certified by the Department of Agriculture. But all of our inventory of container grown trees from Live Oaks, Podocarpus, Mahogany, Green Buttonwood to our field grown palms of Queen Palms, Roebellini, Sylvesters and Washingtonia are all certified to ship out. We are also one of the very select few who can and do on a weekly basis ship Interior Grown specimen trees all of the county as well as Canada and overseas.

June 1st marks the start of hurricane season…. are you and your landscape ready?

With hurricane season here once again, it’s time now to do all of your prep work. Do all of your trimming prior to the announcement of an approaching storm. Thin out the heads of your large shade trees, by calling your local arborist. There is NO such thing as a hurricane resistant tree or palm. There are some that will hold up a bit better than others as they age, as many types are none for root rot as they age, most of these species time frame is 40+ years.


While container grown Live Oaks are one of the most popular sellers as well as Mahogany and Green Buttonwood for being native to Florida. They all have their own faults when put up against a hurricane, but if they are maintained correctly they can come through the storm just fine.


Now when you get into the palms such as Washingtonia Robusta, Sabal Palmettos, Queen palms or Roebellini you will find the same pros & cons for each tree. Like we said there is NO hurricane proof tree.
Simply do your regular maintenance and all should stand strong through the storm.

Interior Foliage or Fake Tree….

There are more reasons than one to choose Shade Grown live trees for your Interior plantscape rather than artificial fake trees.

While the original investment of a living shade grown palm, or shade grown ficus tree may seem higher than silk, the benefits and feedback that you get will out weigh your initial investment greatly.

Interior shade grown trees are not limited to just Ficus (Benjaminim, Ali, Nitida or Amstell) there are other interior palms that are great accents to your décor as well. We here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm have shade grown Washingtonia, Fishtail Palms, Chinese Fan palms, Roebellini palms, Queen Palms and Adonidia. You can even go to the more exotic look of a Shade Grown Podocarpus Maki or Podocarpus Gracilior we even do the extremely beautiful Interior Croton. We here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm do interior shade grown trees and palms from a 15 gal /17” pot all the way to a 100 gal / 36” pot so we are sure to have what you need for your interior project.

Gumbo Limbo Spiraling Whitefly in South Florida Trees

While we in Stuart, Fl haven’t seen much of this in our area, those further south of us sure have.


With “White Fly” being such a bad word to anyone in the Ficus world, please note that this is not the same. These pest are showing up on South Florida Palms, Live Oaks, Black Olives, Wax Myrtles and other common Florida Container Grown trees.


We here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm have not noticed them in our container grown palms or field grown palms. All of our Live Oaks, Black Olives, Mahoganies and Wax Myrtles have all tested to be clean as well.


These little pests leave behind a white waxy substance on the underneath part of the leaf. They can be treated by cleaning the plant well and then following up with a good quality insecticide.


You can learn more on the following IFAS website.


Contracted Growing with Calusa Creek

Calusa Creek has a team of top notch growers of Florida container grown trees and palms. We will gladly take your project plant list, and with ample lead time, grow the needed Trees and Palms in our prime South Florida location . We will assure your project installs in a timely, and on-budget manner.


Being situated in Stuart, Fl we have the optimum growing climate for containerized trees and field grown palms. We grow everything from Live Oaks, Podocarpus Maki, Queen Palms, Washingtonias, Ligustrum, Oleander, Hollies and Roebellini to name just a few of our 45 chosen varieties. We do the majority of our own propagation for our premier grown crops here on the farm. Call us today with your hard-to-find species, or large quantities, we will take care of it all for you.



We are here to help you have “Exactly what you need, In the quantities you need, Exactly when you need them.”


Welcome to Hurricane Season South Florida


Florida doesn’t really have seasons other than Hurricane & Tourist. So with that being said we here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm prepare for both, but hurricane season effects our south Florida tree farm more & we can be sure that our wholesale landscapers are prepared to brace the winds with us.


First thing to keep in mind when designing a landscape plan be sure you are choosing the right trees for the area in which you are planting. This is crucial for the south Florida coast lines. There are trees that have proven to be more wind resistant than others for example: Live Oaks, Podocarpus, Green Buttonwood and more that fall into the “native” category. While others have proven over the years to be very un-hurricane friendly due to brittle wood and shallow root systems. Good examples of these are the Ficus and Yellow Tabebuia. Many Florida grown Palm trees are great choices as well when looking for friendly choices.


Not only is proper tree selection a good thing but also proper trimming of your Container Grown Trees. You should not over prune either as that will only weaken the tree and make it more prone to breakage. Instead you will want to focus on trimming out the dead, diseased and damaged wood. Focusing on the interior branches to thin the canopy creating less wind resistance.


Calusa Creek Tree Farm is a premier grower in South Florida for both Container Grown Trees as well as Field Grown Palms. We are here to help you make your project exactly what you envision.



Transplanting Palms During the Dry Season

While we here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm are known primarily for our hardwoods and container grown trees, we do have a large selection of field grown palms.


Part of the field grown palm selection here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm is the Queen palm, Sylvester, Roebellini palm (pygmy date palm), Canary Island Date, Washingtonia, Chinese Fan Palms as well as numerous hybrid palms.


Here in south Florida we are still in our dry months leading up to the hurricane season and during this time frame we have to take extra care when digging and transplanting these large palms. We have found it best to do the digging over a period of at least 7 days if not longer for optimum survivability. We can go in with a wetting agent and lots of water then follow up with digging the trees but leaving them in place in the field. Then coming back by with more water for a couple days prior to the final pull of the tree. If all of these steps are done cautiously there should be a great success rate of Florida grown palms.

Planting Through the Winter Months…

Don’t let the thought of “winter” stop you from planting containerized Florida grown trees and shrubs. With these tree, shrubs and palms coming from containers they will hit the ground running. Especially, with the abnormally warm winter that we are having this year in south Florida. Our containerized trees here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm have not even shown the first signs of winter and they are quite confused and starting to bud out with new leaves and flowers as if it were spring already.

Field grown palms are just the same, they will never know the difference with proper watering they will transplant perfectly for you at this time of year. We here are Calusa Creek have been able to continue our aggressive propagation and planting schedule straight through the winter this year. This, will in turn create larger summer crops of quality container grown material as well as field grown palms at this Florida tree farm.

The shade house is stocked full of Interior grown specimen trees and palms ready for the spring revamping of all your interior design projects.

Have you ever thought of a contract grow?

Are you in need of a large quantity of top quality Florida grown trees and/or palms?

Have you ever thought of doing a contract grow?

If so we here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm and your source. We specialize in 15 gal to 300 gal container grown trees and field grown palms. We are currently gearing up for spring production of Podocarpus Maki, Viburnum Awabuki, Viburnum Odoratissimum, Wax Myrtle an others.

We also offer the same concept in our 4 acres 40’ tall shade house for Interior trees sold directly to the Interiorscapers of the world.

Calusa Creek Tree Farm is here to help solve your plant needs in anyway possible. Please contact us directly for top quality grown here in south Florida and shipped the world wide. We are your source for Florida grown palms and container trees.