Summer & Spring after a warm winter…


While Calusa Creek Tree Farm is perfectly positioned for growing both tropical trees as well as hardwoods we are also faced with the troubles of not having much of a winter.


While being a Florida grower of container trees and palms such as Live Oaks, Podocarpus, Mahogany, Green Buttonwood as well as Queen Palms, Roebellini and Washingtonia we really depend on the climate of south Florida to allow us a long growing season. This is both good and bad, this spring and summer season is the perfect example of what happens when the winter is nice and mild. We here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm were able to grow all winter long creating nice full crops of container grown trees, the Podocarpus, Wax Myrtle and Viburum love growing during the winter months while the others such as Crape Myrtles, Oaks, Tabebuia and Bald Cypress are all dormant.
The flip side to these warm winters is not having a break in the pest & weed cycles. It becomes a true battle to keep the pests at bay and the weeds for taking over with the spring fertilizer.


Add in a nice wet and warm winter and you have created the perfect recipe for a very expensive spring in the pest management department of this business.


Being the largest supplier of shade acclimated trees and palms for the interiorscape usage we MUST keep the pests, fungus and mites away. The Ficus Nitida, Ficus Wintergreen as well as the Palms such as Adonidia and Washingtonia are all susceptible to an array of pest & mites none of which do you want as part of your next interior landscape project.

Fall leaves in South Florida

The trees that change and show Fall here on South Florida Tree Farms, are few. We do get to experience a little of it with the Container Grown Red Maples as well as the Crape Myrltes and even a little in the field grown Live Oaks. As well all know Wholesale tree farms in South Florida are known for Palm Trees and unfortunately there is little sign of fall on them.
We here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm and Ranch really specialize in Container Grown trees that are marketed as a Wholesale Tree Farm. We grow everything from Live Oaks, Podocarpus, Crape Myrltes, Wax Myrtles, Japanese Blueberry plus many varieties of Palm Trees like the Queen Palm, Roebellini, Sylvester and Canary Island.
With our great location here in Stuart, Fl we are considered a South Florida Wholesale Tree Farm but are far enough north to get to grow the colder temperament trees as well. We also pride ourselves in having one of the Largest Shadehouses in the state. We supply Shade Grown Trees for the Interior Landscape market. Within our Shadehouse we do everything from Shade Grown Ficus trees to Shade acclimated Washingtonia Palms, Adonidias, Black Olives and many others. The Shade acclimated material is perfect for all your interior plantscape applications.

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Prep in South Florida for our first storm of the 2015 season

As a Florida Tree Farm made up of primarily container grown trees when we get notified of an impending hurricane we have to take action. With that it’s up to us to protect our Live Oaks, Crape Myrtles, Queen palms, Podocarpus as well as our entire inventory. For us most of our prep is put into ground maintenance to be sure that we can get the water off of the farm land as quickly as possible. We also have one of the largest shade houses for Interior acclimated trees and palms which requires it’s own protection plan. We will open the panels as well as lay down our shade grown Ficus Trees, Black Olives and Interior palms.
All of this prep work is done with one sole goal, to come out of the storm with a sellable healthy inventory of Florida Grown Trees for the landscape and Interior tree industry.

Does Fertilizing your trees and palms feel like a daunting task?


When it comes time to fertilize your container grown trees or field grown palms that you have installed at your home or business. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Palms such as Washingtonia, Roebellini, Queen Palms & Adonidias all take a similar slow release fertilizer. Just as the Live Oaks, Mahogany, Podocarpus, Red Maples all use one that is best suited for them. Neither is the same as your lawn or sod.


Check out the great article written by UFIFAS on the subject of fertilizing your palms at the below site address.


We are Worldwide Shippers

Most have no idea that the option to ship trees world wide even exist. Well not only does it, but we do it on a weekly basis here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm with our Florida grown container trees. Everything from Live Oaks, Mahogany, Bald Cypress and Podocarpus to our field grown Queen Palms, Roebellini and Sylvesters are all certified by the Department of Agriculture to be shipped anywhere in the US, Canada as well as over seas.
We are one of the very few who are certified to do this with not only our Container Grown Trees and Field grown Palms but also our full line of Interior Trees and Palms. Within our shade house grown trees we have Ficus, Washingtonia, Podocarpus, Adonidias , Black Olives an even bamboo that can all be shipped anywhere in the world. As one of the few Calusa Creek Tree Farm is the best.  

South Florida Warm Winter


Growing Containerized trees here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm in South Florida is only made better when the winters are nice & warm like this year. Being that we are a container grown farm of Live Oaks, Bald Cypress, Podocarpus and many other varieties located in the perfect South Florida Tree Farm location of Stuart we have it made this year.


Our Field Grown Palms like the Queen Palms, Sylvesters & Roeblinis along with the Washingtonia are just as happy with the occasional rain fall and south Florida weather.


Calusa Creek Tree Farm is here to help serve all your wholesale container grown trees and field grown palm needs. We also specialize in Interior Grown specimen trees with one of the largest shade houses in the state who is fully certified to export worldwide.


We use outside truckers to service our out of state customers with their sales of our top quality Container Grown Trees and Field Grown Palms. Our Queen Palms, Sabal Palms, Roebellini Palms and Sylvesters all make great cold weather palms trees. While our specimen quality Live Oaks, Podocarpus, Bald Cypress, Red Maples, Tabebuias to name a few are great all weather enhancements to any landscape.



What Makes Calusa Creek Unique?


Calusa Creek Tree Farm is one of Florida’s largest container grown tree farms. We specialize in Container Grown trees as they are easier to handle for the landscaper as well as there is less shock when planting a container grown tree. Calusa Creek Tree Farm is a top grower of Podocarpus, Bald Cypress, Ligustrum and Live Oaks as well as Queen Palms and a large list of shrubs for the wholesale tree buyer.


We also have the largest selection of shade grown trees for Interior usage. Shade grown trees make the perfect accent for any Interior landscape space. Our full inventory of shade grown interior trees has been acclimated for the interior use for a minimum of 6 months prior to being sold to the Interior Landscaper. Being one of only 7 growers in the state who can export trees worldwide we set ourselves apart from many others.




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Spring Flush…


It’s that time of year when everyone should be noticing the flush of new growth in their Florida Grown Trees such as Bald Cypress, Bottlebrush, Wax Myrtle and just about any Container Grown Trees and Florida Grown Palms. The Palms such as Queen Palms, Sylvesters & Roebellini don’t show much spring difference but there are some signs with the push of new fronds from the heart of the palm as well as the production of the seed branches. Here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm we specialize in Container Grown Trees and Field Grown Palms. Even the great old Container Grown Live Oaks show signs of the spring flush at this time as they fill back in after their slight leaf drop of the winter. Now is a great time to purchase and plant Container Grown Trees.



When Is the Right Time to Plant a Tree?


One of the main advantages to container grown tree & palms is that you can plant them anytime of year.


With our Florida grown trees such as Live Oaks, Mahoghany, Ligustrum, Podocarpus to just name a few. While most will tell you that fall is the absolute perfect time for planting all your Florida native trees like Green Buttonwood, Wax Myrtles, Viburnum, etc. They are totally correct but don’t let the time of year stop you from planting the Container Grown tree of your choice.


We here at Calusa Creek Tree Farm and Ranch have a large selection of both Shade grown trees as well as good ole Florida sun grown containerized trees.