As the Industry Changes to Smaller Containers & More Cold Hardy So Does Calusa Creek Tree Farm

As the green industry changes so does Calusa Creek in hope of staying on top of and in front of our clients & their needs. We have noticed the turn to more cold hardy palms and smaller sized fast growing shrubs and container grown trees. With all of this we here at Calusa Creek have done just what you can imagine. We have increased our production 3 folds in all varieties of cold hardy palms, container grown trees and instant hedge sized shrubs.

We have expanded our pallet into15 gal hedge shrubs to include Wax Myrtle, Podocarpus Maki, Viburnum Odo, Viburnum Awabuki, Bottlebrush. Oleander red & white as well as Ligustrum. In doing so we hope to be able to serve our customers with smaller shrub needs the same way we have always done with those who are looking for that instant gratification of a top quality 25 or 45 gal shrub.

Calusa Creek Tree Farm has also continued growing our high quality palms that to include the highly sought after Cold Hardy Palms of European Fan Palms, Chinese Fan Palms, Washingotnia, Florida Sabals and Queen Palms.

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